The WHY and WHAT of the OneFreeSociety project

This page is an index of blogs that were the ideological foundation for starting the OneFreeSociety project.

Here is the links to individual posts on basics of this project:

Introduction of the blog and a call to participate.

Why? What is wrong?
Some observations of injustice and powerlessness of the individual. Also about systematic oppression and the need to free oneself.

The goals of the new value system
This is an important post, it publishes the goals of the new value system.

It is time to grow up
Comment on the Occupy Wall Street. A call out to be the change that we want to happen.

About economics of open source projects
The big inspiration of this project "economic validity of open source projects" and the explanation how and why it works.

Prosperity, what is it and what are the obstacles?
If we want prosperity we need to envision the goals and overcome the obstacles in our way.

Banking system as a house of cards
Why the current system of credit can not work as explained by prof. Albert Bartlett.

Creativity and open collaboration for a new value system
What limits our creativity? And a call out for activating yourself and contribute to the project.

How to implement a new value system
The specific mechanics of how to reach the goals set in the third post of this blog.

What about individual versus collective needs
Should collective needs be met trough contribution or taxation?

Vision of a dreamer. A bit of clarification and a little bit more detail.